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Me, selfie from early 2013

Per Gøtterup

IT Security, Cryptography, Payment Systems, Medical Software, Linux System Administration and Computer Networks.

50 years, 4 months


Danish (native), English (fluently), German (semi-fluently), French, Swedish and Norwegian

Datalog (cand.scient.dat) - University of Copenhagen, class of 2000, major in Computer Science, minor in Information Psychology (a combination of Human-Computer Interaction, Usability and Cognitive Psychology)

+45 44971144 (home)
+45 31121144 (mobile)
+45 26773344 (work mobile)

Ballerup, Denmark

Karos Health Europe A/S
Krumtappen 4, 3.
DK-2500 Valby

per (at) goetterup (dot) dk (private)
per.goetterup (at) karoshealth (dot) com (work)

9042837 (ICQ UIN) (MSN)
goetterup (Skype private)
goetterup.karoshealth (Skype work)


Sven Gøtterup (January 20, 1929 - January 27, 2009), civil servant (retired 1996)

Else Marie Gøtterup (April 30, 1930 - March 31, 1980), secretary/homemaker


None (Don't like children, don't want any)

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"It is the invariable habit of bureaucracies, at all times and everywhere, to assume...that every citizen is a criminal. Their one apparent purpose, pursued with a relentless and furious diligence, is to convert the assumption into a fact. They hunt endlessly for proofs, and, when proofs are lacking, for mere suspicions. The moment they become aware of a definite citizen, John Doe, seeking what is his right under the law, they begin searching feverishly for an excuse for withholding it from him."
-- Henry Louis Mencken (1880-1956) --
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